Inspired by a post apocalyptic environment, and designed to be served as a meal for two
 Plaster mold to cast the soles of the boot
 First attempt to create a new material for the sole of the shoe, this recipe incorporated Kale (for fiber), Cabbage (fiber and color) and Agar-agar (flexibility)
 To create the upper part of the boot, I had to develop a complete different material - this recipe consisted of kale fibers, flax-seeds, and agar-agar 
 Development of material for upper part of boot
 Prototyping of edible sole
 Material development - test of strength, flexibility and taste!
 Rough prototype shape
 Dry run of the prototype
 I created eyelets from the same material and attached them with agar-agar and then sewed them on with 100% organic cotton thread
 I created a pattern for the upper part of the boot and sewed it with 100% organic cotton thread. In a post-apocalyptic scenario, people would be forced to eat their shoes for survival. Although the thread is not edible, it could be used for other purposes.
 Construction detail of the post-apocalyptic boot
 The Agar-agar worked very well for the sole of the boot, and also as an edible component
 Detail of eyelets
 Delicious and high in fiber!
 Overview of the boot with nutrictional facts
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