jdruffner_calafia_2017-7 copy.jpg
jdruffner_calafia_2017-15 copy.jpg
jdruffner_calafia_2017-3 copy.jpg
jdruffner_calafia_2017-6 copy.jpg
 Impeccable craftsmanship was needed during prototyping in order to cast a clean plaster mold
 Casting bottom part of three part plaster mold
 Finishing plaster mold
 Slip casting of plaster mold
 The Calafia cup was inspired by carnivorous plants and designed for The Huntington Library
 Greenware ready to fire
 Orthographic view of "calafia"
 Prototype development of neoprene sleeve
 Final prototype of sleeve
 Finished "calafia" cup + sleeve
 Sleeve control drawing
 Display of "calafia" - cup, sleeve and packaging for The Huntington LIbrary's giftshop 
 Finished hand screen-printed packaging
 Packaging control drawing
jdruffner_calafia_2017-18 copy.jpg
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